Macpro 2012…time to retire?

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      Hi all. I have a Macpro mid 2012, with an upgraded videocard, Nvidia with 2gb, 16gb ram…started editing 4K video in Davinci, which is…ok using optimized media.
      Encoded one video to 4K, 60fps and when I try to reproduce it, it stutters like hell…so I copied it to a pendrive and tried on a 4K tv, an ordinary Samsung…played just fine…then tried in my wife’s notebook, entry level word processor machine from 2018, and it also played just fine…
      So…do you find that to be expected? I know that technology evolves, but I’m finding the difference to much…
      Thanks for any hints…!

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      If it works, I’d carry on! I have a new end of 17 model and I hate it! My old one still has a fault, otherwise I’d carry on using it – for anything. The new one has to have bolted on adaptors for everything!

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