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      I am getting ready to pull the trigger on a used/refurbished MacBook that I will be using solely for video editing/managing my wix website. My budget is $1000 with Final Cut 10 included. I currently do all my video editing off my family’s Mac with FCPX so I would like to stick with Mac/FCP. The highest quality footage I’m currently editing is 1080p GoPro Hero 5 footage.

      I don’t know much about computers at all but have been researching the past day and think I may have found the best bang for my buck.

      It’s a 2011 15″ Macbook Pro
      “Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6
      15.4” widescreen Matte HD LED display
      Intel Core I7-2760QM 2.50Ghz with Turbo Max. 3.50Ghz
      16GB DDR3L SDRAM
      1TB Solid State Hybrid Drive
      AMD Radeon HD 6770M 1GB GDDR5 Memory and integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000
      Model: A1286, MD322LL/A”

      For $830, it comes with FCPX & a few other programs, as well as a 1-Year warranty through SquareTrade.

      My concerns are that;
      It’s a 2011 model
      It doesn’t have USB3 (but do I need it for what I’m doing?)
      It has Intel i7 but only 2nd gen, does that make a difference for video editing?

      Otherwise, from what I’ve gathered on Google, it’s quite up to date on most specs & sounds like it’s a good video editing laptop. Just wanted to consult with people more experienced than myself before spending the money.

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      Also I’ll add, I’ve found the exact same Macbook (2011 same specs) for $950 with a 3 year warranty except it is refurbished instead of pre-owned & does NOT include FCP (would be $1250 with FCPX.) Most other Macbooks with similar specs are also around $1000, leading me to believe this really is the best deal in my budget. Please tell me otherwise though!

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