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      Recently starting up a video company for equestrians. I will be shooting riders and horses from a tripod but they move quite quickly. Most of it will be done outdoors and from a tripod. Furthest distance I need to shoot at is between 400 to 500ft.

      I am new to this and would love any advice on purchasing a camcorder. All customers videos will be used for social media or personal viewing.

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      proper camera with a minimum of 16X zoom and most importantly a real professional head and tripod. Wobbly vision is unacceptable for a video company. If you don’t want to spend mega money Maybe something like a JVC 800 series, with the fujinon or canon lens (fuji option has a little more reach, but the canon a little more sharpness. You need to budget in a pan handle zoom demand, and then a tripod (Vinten Vision Blue range, depending on chosen camera weight). You could go to something like the Blackmagic Ursa broadcast which can accept B4 lenses, giving you access to plenty of used HD glass, and is 4K ready if you have a lens good enough. These are not too expensive, but you need to factor in a viewfinder don’t forget.

      Practically with any outside system where you are working with the lens at the far end, you need a really smooth support and full manual control of exposure and critically focus. The football industry (UK real football and American type) all have the same requirements, and auto settings just don’t cut it. This rules out most cameras of cheaper price tags, and if your shots don’t look like what they see on TV, you won’t get work. Don’t even consider DSLR as lenses for these that stay in focus when you zoom cost huge amounts of money, and worst of all, you need a really good viewfinder for this kind of thing, and rear mounted viewfinders make the hand stretch to the front of the lens amazingly awkward. TV style lenses can be worked form the back, or the side depending on preference, and if rear mount OB style is your preference then you can remote the focus on these lenses too.

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