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      Hello guys,

      My name is Dennis and I’m new to this forum. I hope that’s the right place to ask for videography feedback. I just finished my website http://www.gdennis.com and I was looking for some feedback on my work.

      I have a short portfolio there and a few projects that I have worked on.

      Please let me know what you think.

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      The one thing I’m leery about is doing business with people who only have a web or even just a web and cell phone presence. Too easy to get ripped off by them with no recourse. I’d say if you are a legit business you ought to have a full name, address, phone and email contact on your website. In the “about me” there ought to be some of your credentials and qualifications. Your website is OK for a fan or hobby site, but not for generating business.

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      You certainly ought to have your full name, phone number and e-mail address on the site. You may want to screen clients by forcing them to call for an address, especially if you work from home. And I certainly agree with bobspez with regard to your credentials. Consider putting a photo of yourself on the home page too. People who hire a videographer are hiring a person to work with, not a web site abstraction. New clients often come into our shop and say “Wow, you look just like your photo.” It’s a way of generating trust.

      Perhaps more importantly, you should consider who your clients will be: what is someone looking for when they come to your web site? Nothing in your examples suggests that you are an editor. Stringing together a bunch of exotic shots doesn’t do this for me. Can you tell a story, make a strong sales pitch? Do you shoot, too? Can you edit work others have shot, sweeten audio, etc.?

      Ask yourself what you want the visitor to do when they’ve looked at your web site? Do you want them to call and talk to you about a job? Then say so. Give them your phone number at the very least, right at the top of the home page. And encourage them to use it!

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      I will NOT make contact with somebody by a web form. I like email because it leaves a record of the conversations. I also like calling people up. Considering I am in the UK, the only thing on your site that says you are in Canada is the small leaf. I have no idea in your massive country where Vancouver is, but I guess Canadians do. Seems odd to be deliberately obscure. The show reel is a bit bizarre – I have no idea what some of the images are? It doesn’t explain what you do – but just looks pretty and colourful.

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      What is your goal? I don’t see in on the page. Do you do Hollywood VFX? Corporate video? To me, I would figure out who your target audience is and cater your website to them instead of everyone.

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