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      I am shooting a live event using a JVC gy-h200. In the past the we have used shotguns to capture the sound with some wind issues. This year I wanted to tap into the soundboard.

      I have a couple of ideas of how I think that this can be done, but before speaking with the audio people wanted to be sure I am not completely insane.

      Option 1: Run an XLR from the board directly into one of the cameras, but I feel that it would loose sound when we transition from one camera to the next.

      Option 2: Run a signal splitter that would run from the board and into both cameras.

      Option 3: Run a snake from the board to the Newtek.

      Any help is truly appreciated…Open to all brands…

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      I assume from your reference to Newtek that you will be switching live.You should be able to get a feed from the board to each camera. No audio loss. Or a single feed from the board to the Newtek.

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      Newtek doesn’t have to switch the camera audio if you don’t want it too. Me – I’d run the audio from the mixer to the newtek if that’s the simplest cable route.If you want to have security, then feed both cameras via an aux or matrix and have all versions and possibilities.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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