Lets do away with the notion of "best."

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      A frequently asked question on this forum — on many forums for that matter — is “What’s the best ______________ (fill in the blank.) The fill-in may be software, camera, lighting equipment, etc.

      Truth be told, there is no “best.” “Best is a function of the kind of work you do, the quality of work you want to produce, the budget you’re working with and you and your clients expectations. It’s also a function of learning curve, ease of use, ancillary equipment available and cost.

      And it’s a function of deliverables: burn to DVD, copy to hard drive or flash drive, upload to the Cloud, Dropbox, etc., or share on YouTube or Facebook.

      Every tool — saw, shovel, auger, editing software camera, LED lights, etc., — has its strengths and limitations. The job defines the appropriate tool.

      So please, don’t ask for “what’s best.” Tell us on the forum what you’re hoping to accomplish, your budget and your level of experience. With that information available, you’ll get better answers than asking “what’s best?”

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      Avatarnorman p.

      “Best” is overrated anyway. ; > )

      Norman P.

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