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      eager to learn

      Hi, There are many lpastops for sale at Costco, Sam’s Club.

      I’m interested in the *graphics* capability I would need for video editing.

      Hard drive size, CPU (Intel iCore 7), 16 GB RAM are the easy parts.

      But, since laptops have on-board graphics then how do I choose one laptop over another?

      What *specific* specs do I look for in laptop graphics capability or numbers or name (Nvidea) to perform video editing?


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      Laptops are better than they were, and the onboard video graphics are not really much of an issue – clearly being able to run the laptop monitor and an external one are OK, but i7 usually seems to be fine. What you can’t really do is make use of the facilities plug in cards have with their onboard processors – so in ultimate performance terms, laptops can’t be as good – but with processor performance going up so quickly, a powerful processor can manage all the usual tasks. With external drives to handle the files, it’s OK. You can do video editing on them happily. The killer comes with multiple streams of 4K for Multicam, where shunting data around is the problem. It’s quite possible to work with ordinary spec video screens.If I wanted to edit 4K, I’d still be looking at a real computer, but for HD – my MacBook can cope perfectly well – apart from having to use stacks of adaptors to get stuff in and out – but that’s just stupid Mac design, not the actual guts. This one’s an i5 and happy editing HD on premiere on the out of the box system.

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      Gaming laptops are suited well for video editing. I’m editing with Premiere Pro on my ASUS GL702VM-DS74 ROG laptop. It gives me the laptop display and 2 other display outputs. Intel i7, Nvidia graphics. It has Thunderbolt 3 with the USB 3.1 type C jack. 32gb ram.

      You need all that speed, especially for 4k editing. All that speed is very important, but most importantly hard drive speed. All that speed won’t matter if video can’t get to and from your hard drive. Don’t expect to have great results with a USB bus powered drive. It will help to make proxies when you import your 4k footage. Premiere will use the low res proxies when editing, but export using the original 4k hi rez clip.

      For proper hard drive speed you need a Thunderbolt 3 RAID system with 3 or 4 7200 rpm drives, or fast SSD drives.

      I also use this Laptop for multiple other tasks. One is for an input into a video production switcher. I use it to overlay live titles and animated graphics for our churches live stream. I use the app with PowerPoint. This gives me a character generator for animated lower thirds, lyrics, sermon notes. 2 outputs to the production switcher, key and fill with correct alpha channel for the Downstream keyer. I play out the intro and outro for our sermon using PowerPoint.

      I also use this laptop for connecting web participants for another ministry. During our live stream, one of our hosts is in Alaska. I connect him to our live stream using Wirecast’s Rendezvous on this laptop, then input into our ATEM production switcher, just like a camera in our studio. He sees a multiview from the ATEM video switcher and I can switch to him whenever I want. I send him mix minus from our Mackie audio mixer so we don’t get feedback.

      This laptop is about 2 years old but is still going strong and very fast. I also use a 2011 iMac to edit. I’m cross platform so editing Windows and Mac. The best of both worlds.


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      Intel Quard-Core i5 1035G1, 8GB DDR4 RAM. Is it good for video editing?
      tank trouble

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