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      Hi, i just made a new video edit at my channel called “Aprecia La Vida/ IRL Edit” ( the clips & the music are not mine. I just downloaded to practice editing!) here’s the video πŸ™‚
      also in my channel i got another video called “Road Trip en Vieques Puerto Rico” that video i filmed with a GoPro Hero 5 Black
      Hope you enjoy it guys!
      (Sorry if i’m bad at editing i’m just a newbie at this so in the future hope i get better)

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      Visually I like the cuts on the first video. The music has too much bass for my taste. The road trip camera work and editing is a mess, camera shake and roll, sequences showing nothing but fields, people’s backs and feet, your hand and arm in front of the lens, underwater bubbles. Effects on the pillars in the beginning made no sense. But I liked the music.

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