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      I have a question that I hope the experts on here can help me with. I am trying to get our communication system for our sports broadcasting to work in another building around 1 mile away using Dante. I have a clearcom system in our studio and plan on hooking that up to an Eartec headset system in the other building. Eartec has an interface that hooks into the Clearcom audio and converts it or something and then that goes into a hub that transmits the wireless signal to the headsets.
      We are going to use the Dante system to transmit the audio from our studio to the other building and back for crosstalk. My design guy seems to think that I will need more than what Eartec offers to get audio back and forth. He says the question then would be how to separate the intercom transmit and receive audio. With only one audio line, I don’t know how you would handle bidirectional audio. Does anyone know if the Eartec system with the Clearcom interface needs anymore gear to make it work?

      My designer seems to think it needs some more equipment. Since not using the Eartec system before he is not sure how it will work. Here is what he thinks:…..”At the remote site (new gym) it gets a little more ambiguous for me because I can’t find many details on Eartec’s website about their products. It looks like their interface is designed to plug into an intercom line with one cable and then another cable plugs into the hub for the headsets. It doesn’t look like it’s designed for line level audio (but you might talk to your rep to see if they have a product that would work that way). What I think you might have to do on the gym side would be to pull the line level audio off the Dante line (which would be an in and an out with transmit and receive audio and then take that to another TW-47 interface. That would take it back into the Clearcom world, but you’d also have to have a power supply (this would be the cheapest: to power the interface and drive the line that hits the Eartec device.”

      Is there anyone out there that knows? Eartec doesn’t know how it will work with the Dante system.

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      I’ve had a quick look at the earth system and it’s not designed or intended for your application. Clearcom, tech pro and the other event/TV/theatre comms systems all have what they call a 4 wire converter – you need to understand how these systems work. The outstations and belt packs have a comms line that users ‘bridge’. Their transmit audio is added to the comms line, and the comms line audio is sent to each outstation/belt packs headphones or speakers but with the units own contribution phased out – often called sidetone adjustment. Walkie talkies and dedicated TV style comms networks use separate send and receive circuits, each with two wires – hence the 4 wire tag – two for transmit two for send. Once you split out the audio to two circuits, Dante can handle it bi-directionally with the correct A/D converters or interfaces. The issue will be that your eartec units work on their own system. I think it would be possible to bodge it by modifying the eartec so that incoming audio from the far end Dante I/O gets fed to the mic circuit and the headphone output from the eartec gets fed to the remote end Dante input.
      WARNING – this could easily result in instant feedback if the eartec has no sidetone function, or an un-adjustble one. even so – you could then perhaps try a telephone balancing unit at the far end. Radio stations use these to null out feedback causing components from telephone callers phoning in, who have the station output fed back down the line for two way comms.

      So – to conclude. You will need to build an interface to get the audio in and out of the eartec network, this can then be fed to the comms system with ins and outs, possibly using a TBU if it’s needed. The Dante system will work for this with devices each end to provide ins and outs at the same level, so you can try the system without the Dante component involved at all. In fact, if you are prepared to experiment, why not try a clear com belt pack and make up a cable to go from it to the eartec device, replacing the eartec headset. You’d probably have to fiddle with levels, but essentially, if you can make it work direct – then you just introduce the Dante complete system in the path. Test it with clearcom – cable – eartec and see if it works, volume levels and isolation wise. If it does, then change to clearcom – A/D – Dante – D/A – eartec.

      The TV style of comms tends to be point to point, and you programme paths. ring style comms means daisy chaining devices. Clearcom and the others make both styles. One of the path to path types I have has rack mounted units, each with multiple XLR ins and outs – these interface to a Dante network simply, ring types need the send and returns separating in 2 to 4 wire units or direct modifications and special cabling. I think your example is doable – but the weak link will be the eartec system. It;’s just not meant for this kind of thing and hence why the manufactures can’t help that much. I doubt they understand what you really want to do.

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      Eartec has an interface that works with Clear-Com and without using the other things in the equation I hooked it up. The two systems work flawlessly together. So now I just need to add the other parts to the system that I have decided on.
      At the studio we have 2 pieces. The mixer (PreSonus StudioLive 16.4.2 AI which will have Dante and only receive audio from the other building), and a Studio Technologies 45DC which will hook into the Clear-Com system and be a go between for the Eartec and the Clear-Com.
      At the other building I will have another ST 45DC that will be hooked up into the Eartec/Clear-Com interface that will receive and send audio from both venues.
      I will also have an RDL DD-BN40 that will take audio from crowd, play by play and anything else to the studio and the PreSonus.
      I will have everything setup and ready to test sometime next week I hope but it should work.

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      Do you mean this?
      There is a small difference between Tecpro and Clearcom, mainly in the signalling system – but the Studio Technologies units look suitable for the job. pricey things at around two grand GBP for a pair, but that’s obviously OK for your budget.

      I’m a bit confused though as your original question suggested nobody knew anything and you just knew you wanted to use a Dante link, but now, you’ve suddenly expanded to having the right kit – that’s a big jump in knowledge in a short timescale. Apologies for telling you things you clearly already knew, I figured wrongly, that you were short on information. Have fun.

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      The reason we now have an idea is because I have done nothing but study for the last week and a half, called and talked to tons of people, studied some more and finally after sleepless nights and much concern I did hopefully figure it out. I am not for sure if it will work or not but I’ve got my fingers crossed.
      If you would have sent this stuff several days earlier I had no idea what I was going to do.
      Thank you so much for your feedback though, because it is reassuring me that I may have ordered the right stuff.

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