inside of an abandoned hospital video editing

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      hello to everybody!
      im new here and i want to show you my new video
      in abandoned hospital with sony a7iii and tamron 28 75 for gear.
      i want your opinion for this and cause im new generaly ,
      please help with some like or subs!
      its important to me, more for
      psychological reason.
      im from Greece and my english isnt the best!
      i do more videos from now and on..
      (ill buy gimbal in near future,i need it,if you see video you understand)
      watch here

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      You have some beautifully shot footage here. The problem with it for me is that it’s essentially a series of still pictures onto which you have created movement in a kind of Ken Burns effect. That is, you frame a room, then pan and tilt around it to show what it looks like, just like Burns does with historical photos.

      The difference between stills and motion picture/video, however is this: motion picture/video is about capturing motion in a scene or setting — people walking around, animals moving, etc. You have no motion in any of the shots, so you might just as well have shot your entire piece with a still camera and then, as you have with your pans and tilts, impart motion to each still picture in the manner of Ken Burns.

      For me, this would have been a far more interesting piece of there had been people in in, perhaps with some kind of story line, preserving your fine photography but creating a compelling reason for “why are you showing me this?”

Viewing 1 reply thread
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