Improving quality of edited output that has been sourced from Hi 8mm tapes.

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      Hi. I’m new to this forum and to computer editing. I have tried to research my issue with no luck so I’m hoping someone on this forum can help.

      I have a number of old Hi 8mm video tapes. I digitised these using a Canopus ADVC 110 which converted the tapes into .avi files. Importing the .avi files into the latest version of FCPX automatically converted them into (filename) I note that the .mov files are quite a bit larger than the original .avi files.

      Playing the .mov files at full screen on my Mac book pro, the picture is not very sharp and not surprisingly this is also the case with the edited Project file even after applying a little sharpening in FCPX.

      The original .avi files played in VLC player are a little better but again not particularly sharp. On the face of it this appears to be a case of “garbage in garbage out” but I am surprised about the poor quality sourced from Hi 8mm tapes. Is that to be expected when converting from that format?

      I am also wondering if there are some settings in FCPX, or, a good quality sharpening plugin that might improve the quality of output.

      When importing and editing, I have used the default settings in FCPX. The Project settings are as follows: Video = PAL SD, Resolution = 720 x 576 DV, Rendering CODEC = Apple Pro Res 422.

      I have also burned a DVD from Compressor using the default settings. What I get is a MPEG-2 file, 720 x 576 (768 x 576), Bottom first, 25fps, Rec.601 (PAL), Ave bit rate 7.56 Mbps, Max bit rate 9 Mbps. Played on a large screen TV, the picture is not sharp.

      If I were to burn a Blu-ray disk, the default settings would be: H.264 file, 720 x 576 (768 x 576), Top first, 25fps, Rec.601 (PAL), Ave bit rate 30 Mbps, Max bit rate 35 Mbps.

      I would appreciate any advice on how I might get a better quality result or confirmation that there is nothing that can be done. Thanks.

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      I think the problem here lies with your computer’s processing power, it may not be good enough for video capture from that type of device. If your computer does not have at least an intel 10 gen I3 CPU and 16GB of RAM, then it is not powerful enough to transfer good quality videos.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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