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      After a very long rest from editing video, I’ve taken it up again and have several questions regarding importing video.

      From a Canon MiniDV camcorder should I import as MPEG-4 or another format? Not concerned about file size, looking for beat quality.

      Will the import from the Camcorder be interlaced, and if so, should I de-interlace them?

      Currently using FilmoraX, which I like, but considering moving to DaVinci Resolve.

      I’m working with old DV and High8 tapes, looking to come up with reasonably good videos for family.

      Thanks in advance.

      Larry Rood

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      Working with DV and High8 I would import as AVI rather than MP4. The compression on AVI is much less than MP4 and will give you better image quality at the outset. After you’ve finished your edit you can output the finished project as MP4.

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