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      (At the beggining I want to say sorry for my not perfect. hahah not even good english skill.)

      Hello, Im Patryk and Im from Poland, im 19 years old, and Im in the last class of my high school in my country. Like everyone young ambitious boy I started to think about my future, and I became interested in video macing. I have no experience with video making, but in my mind very interesting idea came up about make a mini movie from gta game.
      I would aask you to reccomend some: topics, yt channels, books(im actually reading The technique of film editing Karel Reisz, and Daniel Arijon grammar of the film language), etc…. From where i could look for inspiration, tips, ideas, to make my movie better.
      I want to make same comedy, action movie with material from Gta.
      I want to use my voice in dialogues so if anyone can send my some good voice modulator, and recommend some cheap but good microphone I would be verry happy <3
      If someone could recommend my some book, etc where i will study something about writing the script I would be thankful

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