I think one silver-lining with Hollywood's reliance on sequels

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      I think it was Jeremy Jahns that pointed this out in one of his recent videos and I definitely found it interesting. Some franchises have been going on so long that the characters within the series have been able to age 30-40 years. We first saw Rocky Balboa as a young man and now he is in his seventies. His wife and best friend have both passed away, he has a struggling relationship with his son, and he is trying to pass on his knowledge to another generation.

      Same with Wolverine. X-Men was one of the first big Marvel Comics films and Hugh Jackman was an unknown actor. Cut to 17 years later and he has become an A-list actor, the genre has exploded, and he reprises the character for one final chapter in which Logan’s body is failing him and he knows he needs to do something good with what little time he has left.

      Laurie Strode struggles with reconnecting with her daughter after the trauma of facing Michael Myers made her a paranoid shut-in for her entire adult life. Luke Skywalker questions the legitimacy of the Jedi philosophy and what the future holds for his kind. Star Trek has also tackled the topic of aging and likely will again with the new Picard TV series. Rambo, Terminator, and Indiana Jones seem to be doing the same things with their newest movies.

      One could view it as the studios trying to milk the series for every last drop of money which, objectively speaking, is probably true. But nonetheless, it still creates interesting opportunities that would not have been possible in the past. I personally find it preferable to rebooting a series multiple times and keeping the characters in perpetual stasis.

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