I seem to have had my account cancelled – I'm now anonymous

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      Paul J

      Paulears here – I’ve created a new account because my old one won’t let me log in on the new system, and the old one isn’t accessible any longer. All my old posts now say anonymous, but are still there, so looks like I’ve been chucked out, which is a shame. I don’t remember upsetting anyone, so am mystified, but my old login and password don’t work, and the email is rejected as not existing – so somebody has pressed the magic erase button.
      Bit of a shame.

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      Mike Wilhelm

      Hi Paul-
      I’m not sure what happened, but I’m forwarding this to our web developer. We’ll keep you updated.

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      Aha! All the silly cartoon pictures have gone, but my account has been re-installed, and I’m back. No idea what they did, but I’m back, and no longer ‘anonymous’. Odd that the pictures have vanished – I wonder if they had a corrupted database?

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      Mike Wilhelm

      We had some crossed wires when migrating the database from our old site to the new one. As a result, some accounts came over but in a disabled state. Now they’re back and we’re going to try to restore all the old profile photos next. πŸ™‚

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      Could you also maybe introduce a report button, or add some contact details so members can get in touch with somebody when there is a problem – I’m a bit surprised the new forum has so few features? No view new or active posts, and when a spammer comes along and posts everywhere, nobody can see which actual topics contain new posts? A lot of old functionality has vanished, leaving the forum very hard to use. No searching for members, or useful stuff left?

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        Mike Wilhelm

        Feel free to post feature requests in this forum or you can contact us directly using the methods on this page: https://www.videomaker.com/about-us/customer-service/

        I’m adding an active topics link and user search to the list now.

        This new forum is a bit easier to work on, but is a little more bare bones out of the box.

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      Great – I simply cannot find ANY active topics by looking at the screen now – just dates on the right that don’t seem to relate to anything active that I remember – it’s impossible to find any topic, and people don’t seem to even be able to start one – including the usual spammers. I’ll give it a day or two then probably just give up. The old one was quite simple to use, and quick to search for new stuff. This is virtually unusable as a forum. The main page for the forum seems to have very random content, and dated by the last post in the section? Really weird. Cheers P

Viewing 5 reply threads
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