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      This is the first forum I’ve ever been a part of, so please excuse me if I do something wrong. Anyway, I’m starting college this year and I’d like to do a short film but I’ve had multiple ideas that I’ve come up with on my own and they just fall apart because I can’t think of an ending. Or I just think about the idea more and more and I convince myself that it’s stupid. I want something to add to my portfolio, as I ended my senior year in high school very strongly with a video I made with my friend for our “senior project”. I’d like to do a “story” based video, instead of a voice over based video. If you know what I mean. I wanna have a storyline. But I need help with coming up with ideas… Any help would be fantastic. Assuming everybody on here takes video production as seriously as I do. I absolutely love it and it is my passion. But enough talk about that. Let me know what you guys think.

      Thank you

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      More films have been made with this plot than you can count.

      Boy meets girl.
      Boy loses girl.
      Boy gets girl back.

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        Okay, I like that but what about something with only one actor. Like just one person on screen and I’m obviously behind the camera. What do you think can be done with that? Just something simple. Nothing extravagant.

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      There was a documentary where Nick Nolte interviewed himself, wearing different clothes. Nick asked the questions and Nick in a second outfit answered them. The scene was put together in editing.

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      Hmm… I think this is a hard question and it needs more time to discuss. But, professionals write my essays online fast and qualitatively. They are very well-read and savvy so they can help you with ideas for a short film.

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      Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

      OP, my ideas are prob not good for you. I’m underground. My first film I made in ’75 they banned from showing at the final in school.

      My problem is the opposite of yours. Too many projects and ideas. I never get how people lack ideas. Almost every day they pop up. Or every couple weeks at the latest. But my ideas are short subject. Not long movies.

      OP, expose yourself to all sort of stimuli…art, plays, movies, books, magazines, museums. You just never know where inspiration comes from.

      Do you have a story at all? Even a rough idea? If so, start a storyboard and keep refining it to see how it looks.

      Good luck!

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      I would think of all the real events that took place in my life and my surroundings and alter them by adding or taking away to make it comedy, sad, mysterious, etc. Everyone has stories, right?

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