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      Hi everyone!

      I could also use some straight-forward critic on my videos. I know I have plenty of room for improvement, I just need to better spot it.
      Should I expect an over-saturated market where one has to start working for free for a long time?

      I’ll tell you a bit about me so you’ll know what is my background.
      I started making YouTube videos about 3 months ago.
      Although I did not finish University, I did study for 2 years in the Graphic Design program (50%). I worked in the PhotoLab developing and printing photographs at the University’s newspaper.
      Years later I obtained a diploma in 3D Animation & Multimedia. Ever since I was a small kid I liked creating different things. Like figurines with plasticine, clay, and bar soaps, drawing and some painting, and even cooking.
      I am enjoying very much making videos because I can get to use many disciplines in one place. And, at least while I do it as a hobby, I get to choose “what goes, and what won’t”, so that’s nice too.
      But now I’d like to turn this hobby into something profitable so I could stop doing the “non-creative” work I normally do.

      I am entertaining the idea/notion that if I polish my video editing skills I could aspire to a paying job. How wrong am I?

      I would like to put forward these 2 different videos. Hopefully, you can see enough potential.
      1. Play Astroneer in Linux – A Follow Up (00:05:46) https://youtu.be/Pfy467ADlio
      As for the music chosen, keep in mind that the game soundtrack style is Ambient music too. So I am going along with that.
      2. Deleting Multiple Clips at Once with Shotcut (00:03:45) https://youtu.be/Vc6bGgIui_c

      I am using all Open Source software: Shotcut, Gimp, Inkscape, Blender 3D, Audacity, OBS, etc

      Thank you in advance for your valuable time and advice.


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      Doing a short video tutorial like you have done does not require a lot of editing skill. It’s difficult to judge your ability from these videos. I don’t know how doing this type of video could lead to employment. But good luck, sometimes opportunity strikes.

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      You should to continue!

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