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      My iphone 7 shoots video at 1080p 60fps. Its smooth.
      I switch it to 1080p 30fps or 4k 30fps. Its not smooth. Like its skipping frames.
      But apparently, Hollywood movies are shot at less than 30fps. And yet they’re smooth.
      Can someone explain this? Because I am sincerely lost…

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      AvatarPaul J

      Well – movies are shot at 24fps, UK video at 25, and US at 30 (or 29.97)

      all can be very smooth on slow moving objects within the frame. Clearly as they move faster, there will be an element of blur. There’s a possibility that your problem is really skipping frames – caused by the camera or the playback device. It depends on what you think “not smooth” means in a context we can see – so we need to see your problem to determine it for certain. IS it smooth if you shoot a clock with a second hand?

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