I am struggling to get interpolated videos to look good, help

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      I have been trying to interpolate some videos to 60FPS for a while now, and I have had mixed results. I have been using this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPAPWqXT5Xg )as a “benchmark” of sorts, to compare my results to. So far I have not been able to produce a video that is as good as it.

      This is probably the best one I could make so far: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AiOx2LWATSlvzWDcYRoEEL5EIUAS

      I used SVP code to make that video, as the person who made the youtube video I linked said they used SVP.

      In my video, the camera panning is very smooth, however the movement of people and objects is not as smooth as it is in the youtube video.

      What settings should I be using in SVP code in order to get the same (or better) results as the youtube video?

      Also, do I need SVP Code, could I achieve results similar to the youtube video in MEGUI with avisynth?

      I also am having problems with framerates of files:

      When I use handbrake to convert the original m4v file to a mp4 file, i select source framerate and constant, however, the framerate comes out differently (the orginal was 23.976008 and handbrake outputs 23.976024), and also even though I selected constant framerate, SVP says it can’t work with the file as it has a variable framerate. How do I fix this?

      P.S. The reason it is frozen is that is the best example I could find, the animation shows off the effects better and the person who made that video said they used SVP, so it s a good comparison for my results.

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