I am new. I have to teach an online video class.

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      I need to create a bunch of powerpoint slides. For each slide, I need to add audio. They want HD.

      I need to capture the powerpoint slides as an mp4 video, and synch it with my voice for each slide.

      I will be much obliged for any concrete suggestion.

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      A quick look online indicates that audio can be recorded directly onto PP slides. Use Google for details.

      Alternatively, create the slides and export them as .mp4 files. Import them to your editing program. Record the audio and import it as well. Shorten or lengthen each slide to cover your narration.

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      I’m very confused. You are teaching an online video class? Do you mean you are teaching online students about video, or teaching flower arranging by video? Pretty different. I’m assuming they’ve supplied you software that does the streaming? Is it this that takes a PP formatted file and streams it, with your voice and or picture, or are you running an actual copy of PP and streaming it’s output? When they say HD, I have to smile – HD is usually a picture term and not audio, which is usually hifi or HQ as terms. I don’t know how to help till we understand exactly what you are doing, how the powerpoint slides actually get to the audience. For example, the software I used to do training for an exam board was a dedicated package, and it would take in word file, or images, or video or music and send them out to everyone. So many ways of doing this. Also so many ways of making you look a total Berk when ti doesn’t work!!!!

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      No sir.

      I am teaching an online course on Mathematics.

      Usually, I go to the White Board and start writing the equations and whatever and explain by spoken word whatever I want to convey and answer my students questions.

      This time, they have asked me to create an online course so that the students can take the course from their homes at their convenience.

      Are you still with me?

      Obviously, one way to do that will be for me to repeat all the above steps and record the whole thing with a video camera (Video and audio) and be done with it.

      Since I will be the only one in the hall where the recording will take place, with no students present, this will make it difficult for me as I have not done this before.

      Hence, I am contemplating creating a series of power point presentations in this subject on my PC along with an audio that corresponds to the power point slide displayed on the screen.

      In this manner, I suppose I can reduce the artificiality to a minimum.

      Did you get it?

      Any recommendations you may have on this topic will be much appreciated.

      No, no one is supplying me with any software or hardware to do this.

      Best Regards,

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      I would record your presentation on a camera, then output your PowerPoint to a screen and a separate H264 recorder. Make sure the same audio goes to both the camera and H264 recorder. This will help you sync them up later for editing.

      Then edit those together in Premiere Pro. Make sure your PowerPoint is widescreen format like your video camera (16:9). Make sure text is not too small and you give some margin around the edges of the slides.

      This Hauppauge HD PVR Rocket Portable HD Game Recorder is perfect for this. $128. Records on USB stick in H264 format. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1013313-REG/hauppauge_1540_hd_pvr_rocket.html


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      I would video my PPT slides on the computer monitor and narrate them in real time while advancing the slides. You could then advance each slide as your narration was finished. It seems the hardest part is to match the length each slide will be shown to your narration, unless you do it this way in real time. Doing it this way, with the camera running you could also repeat a slide narration if you screw up and cut out the faulty part in the editor without having to sync anything.

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      Not sure what the problem is.
      1. Do you need to create a PowerPoint presentation for delivery as an MP4 file? or
      2. Do you need to create a video presentation for delivery as an MP4 file?

      If #1, PowerPoint allows you to add audio to each slide. You don’t need a camera. Just plug your mic into the “audio in” port on your computer and follow the instructions in PowerPoint. You can do this slide-by-slide as you move through your presentation. PowerPoint allows you to export the finished presentation as an MP4 file. Presumably you have fonts that will permit you to write the necessary equations. This will be by far the easier method as PowerPoint will allow you to fade in and out, add text, etc.

      If #2, you will need software to pull this together. You’ll need to shoot the whiteboard while you are talking about the problem you’re illustrating. You say you haven’t done this before; a little experimentation should get you past this and you might even enlist the aid of a student helper. Shoot with an HD camera using a lavaliere mic. Bring the footage into an editing program, cut out the awkward bits, add titles and render to MP4.

      Whatever you do, don’t try to video the material from your computer screen. There will be a significant loss of resolution and it will probably look terrible.

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      My last reply seems to have disappeared, so here it is again.

      I did a quick 15 second test video of my 11″x17″” HD screen, sitting a few feet in front of the monitor, handheld, with my Lumix FZ80 bridge camera, auto settings, 30fps, 1920x1080HD, mp4.

      In the editor (Premiere Pro) I did a 2 minute adjustment of brightness/contrast and shadows/highlights. The first 4 seconds of the video shows the results straight out of the camera, the last 11 seconds with the adjustments in the editor.

      I believe the adjusted image has acceptable resolution to be viewed on an online course on students’ computers.

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      The is counterproductive. I’ve done loads of these – the latest for one of the big coffee firms – you take the powerpoint slides that you used in the power point which are already stills or video files and drop them into the editor, Never video a screen the quality looks horrible on some people TVs or computers, and you get moire – strange pixelation effects. Once the video sequences are done, record the voiceover – or do the voiceover and then stretch or shrink the slides to fit.If you can use premiere or similar it’s quite easy.

      However – watching writing on a white board can be very tricky to make interesting. Dull and boring – so like your normal teaching style with your lesson plans – check to see if the camera can make reading the whiteboard at least as easy as it was in the room.

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        @paulears You’ve done loads of these but the OP hasn’t. That’s why I suggested the easiest method possible. If you clck on the V for vimeo in my attached video above you will see full screen video, that after the first 4 seconds, the adjusted video image is fine for a computer monitor, especially since a PP slide is less likely to contain as much data as the post I videod.
        Since the OP never responded, it’s possible everyone’s suggestions may have been more than he was willing to commit to, as he stated he had no software at all.

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