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      Hey Everyone! Im a videographer in Greece and ive made a few video clips of bands in studios. Id like some feedback and also how i could maybe do something a bit better than im doing. Any ideas or thoughts are welcomed! heres some samples of a few that i have done:

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      Re: your second clip, with the female singer. It would be nice to see the entire ensemble before the bagpipe begins, a wide/establishing shot. Let the viewer know where you are, where each instrument is relative to the others and which player goes with which instrument.

      I would compose the ensemble so that there is a sense of depth. Put the woman and the bagpiper in the foreground, the string instruments in the middle ground and the drum behind them. Separation need only be a couple of feet but it would give the composition a sense of texture and depth.

      Move the performers closer together so that you can get two-shot and three-shot compositions: for example the singer and the bouzouki player or the drum and bagpipe.

      The closeups of the men don’t work as used here. If you feel obliged to show close up shots of these guys, start with a wider shot that shows each with his instrument, then cuts to the closeup.

      Finally, while on the subject of close ups, you’re missing a wonderful opportunity to provide tight shots of the fingering of all the instruments which, if you watch footage of Segovia playing for example, becomes a visual treat, emphasizing the mastery of man over the instrument.

      Keep up the good work.

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      Your cuts doen’t really add anything to the video and are way too short. The theory of cutting is to cut to something interesting and stay with it until it reaches some sort of a conclusion. The cuts should highlight each musicians talent and contribution, not just share face time.
      You might bet better off putting two band members at a time in the split screen. Here’s one I did about a year ago. The only time I left the split screen was for the lead guitarist solo. Also I prefer dissolve or fade to black or white for transitions to jump cuts.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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