How to Sync Audio and Video Clips Using Avid Media Composer 6

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      Hi Everyone
      im editing a project using Avid Media Composer 6 and want to know How to sync my audio and video clips one by one using the software. Here’s what i’ve done so far after digitalising the footage and choosing what scenes to edit, i separated the audio and video clips and marked the clapperboards in the video clips and the audio clips ive labelled each clip and want to know how to sync the audio and video clips so that they are both moving together when you press play and the sound does not come before the image or the image does not come before the sound. Ive also tried to auto sync the footage several times but when the clip is played there is only a few seconds of audio and the image cannot be seen. I want to Sync the clips one by one without using autosync but dont know how to do it. Would be grateful if anyone can help?


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      I always record video and audio separately and then combine it

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      Is it convenient? It seems to me that this method is much more time-consuming or am I mistaken?

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      I transfer everything into the video editor and not only connect, but also make all the necessary edits, and of course this may take some time. But a high-quality result requires some effort.

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