How to Detect Moire (Moiré) During a Shoot

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      Hi, I have two questions on dealing moire while shooting (not in post).

      Our in-house corporate studio recently upgraded from the Panasonic AF100 to the Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K. We love it but we get a lot more moire with it, limiting our on-screen talents’ wardrobe options. (It’s the fun multi-colored moire that can’t be eliminated with a blur in post.)

      We plan to replace our old 17″ 1080p monitor soon as well.

      Our current process for detecting moire is to record a few seconds of footage with the talent’s wardrobe, transfer the footage to a laptop and review it in Premiere Pro. (We may not see any on our monitor, but then we see it in Premiere.)

      Does anyone know of a better, quicker way to detect moire while recording? A better monitor, for example? If so, any spec recommendations for a camera with SDI out, 4.6K resolution?

      2nd question: do you have any recommendations on reducing/eliminating moire while recording? (Not in post.) I’m aware of things like the Rawlite OLPF, but I’m wondering if there’s a less-invasive option that’s worked for people that doesn’t cost $425.

      First-time post here. Thanks in advance!

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