How To Convert MP4 To WAV

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      You might want to change your video files to a totally different audio file format in order to get the sound coming from the video. This might be useful for ringtones, alarms, and any other purpose that require sounds.
      In order to convert MP4 files into the WAV file format, you must use third-party applications or websites to go through the modification process. However, there’s a big problem with these apps and websites; they usually contain adware or malware that might harm your device.DumpMedia is a great tool with multiple functions and features. Here’s how to convert MP4 to WAV using the said tool:
      Step 01: Download and install DumpMedia Video Convert on your Mac computer or Windows PC.

      Step 02: Launch the software on your computer.

      Step 03: Select Video And Audio Convert.

      Step 04: Select the MP4 file you wish to convert to WAV.
      Step 05: Choose the settings you wish. Make sure you choose WAV as the format the file will be converted to.

      Step 06: Follow the on-screen instructions and wait until the conversion process is complete.

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