How to Become a Filmmaker Without Having a Trust Fund

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      Making a decent film requires the filmmaker to function at the highest artistic and creative levels, whether it’s as the scriptwriter, director, camera operator, gaffer, editor, or all of the above: A filmmaker may even end up performing as an actor in his or her own production!

      However, if you are that filmmaker, the buck stops with you – and it can’t start up again without a really good script, without a compelling story that engages your viewer with an over arching vision to help them understand and believe wherever it is you want to take them, no matter how fantastic the trip.

      As is often said about scripts: “If it’s not on the page, it’s not on the stage.”

      Your story is the primary wedge into the viewer’s psyche so it’s something worth defending at all costs. After all, your story is the only reason anybody would want to spend time watching whatever it is you’ve got to say, be it a film, a non-profit or corporate video, a TV series, even a: 30 TV spot. They all share similar production elements and processes – so let’s just refer to them all as “films” and leave it at that.

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