How is that animation/effect made?

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      Hello Video-Maker-Community!,

      I am happy that i found you, i wanted for a new project to create a “kind of animated banner” but i still wasnt able to figure out, how this is called, that i can find it on the internet as a tutorial. I found it on the shows of “John Olivers Lastweektonight”

      On the side there ( i think the video is just added in the front” a kind of banner, the text of the show is floating in a grey area, i want to create the same effect, what i need to do so solve this little problem?

      Here a sample pictures uploaded, that you can imagine what i mean!

      I am more than thankful for your help! Im happy to be a part of this community.

      Lovely regards from Germany (Sorry for my bad English writing)


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