How do I record back of screen view?

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      Should be simple but rather than pointing another camera at the back of my still camera how the heck do people get a view of live view recorded? I have a link if it’s allowed. I do landscape videography and am experimenting with different camera angles and views. Adam in this video is doing exactly what i want, you get the back of the screen in live view will all the metadata like iso, shutterspeed and aperature and I will put that in a window in the corner while on the rest of the screen I will be talking about what we are looking at, the settings, etc.. Racking my brains on this one guys!

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      Seems to be filming the live view with a second camera. Both cameras are on a tripod as there is no movement of the image and in video mode. When the image is good he probably switches to still mode on the first camera to get a full resolution raw image. The video image may have been cropped in the editor to avoid showing the first camera body.

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      I was told now that sony cameras have a menu option when using hdmi out to an external recorder to select live view mode, it then shows what you see on your camera lcd. I shoot canon but am considering sony, not because of this but because of the low light capabilities, tilt screen (so i dont have to bend over anymore) and the fact that it is mirrorless means I can see what my shot will look like before it is taken (long exposures and filters).

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      I don’t know if that hdmi out will be recording exactly what is on the live view screen, including all the settings and screen icons, time, etc. If it does then that should be a good solution for you.
      What I do is use the still pic button to take still pics during my video. The still pics don’t stop the video, but have all the same settings,frame size, and look just like a still frame of the video. Then I can look at the still pic properties and know what settings were used on that segment of the video … iso, exposure, f-stop, and focal length of the zoom or prime lens.
      I agree a flip screen is useful for not having to bend over the tripod and camera.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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