High quality lav mic to help reduce reverb?

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      Here’s my problem…

      I make video tutorials on how to play table tennis. I do this in a sports hall where there is quite a bit of reverb. It’s not possible to sound proof the room and I use a lav mic so I can move around and because I film by myself.

      The content of my videos is quite good, but sound quality is poor (lots of reverb). Is there a decent lav mic I can buy which will improve the sound quality? I know I won’t be able to completely eliminte the reverb, but if I can reduce it a bit, then I will be happy. Currently, I use a cheap (less than £20 lav mic).

      Any suggestions? Budget isn’t an issue.

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      Reverb is not a function of price or quality, it’s a function of distance between wanted and unwanted sounds.

      The aim is to get the mic closest to the speakers mouth, and to maximise the distance to the reflective surfaces. In addition lavalier mics are omni-directional. Cardioid’s aren’t and reject sounds from the rear, but need aiming. The solution is to go with over the ear headsets that have the omni directional mics close to the mouth – minimising the reverb. Pretty much that is it!

      Do you use radios, or cables? Headset microphones do not normally come with cables – but most can have a phantom power adaptor if you need to do that kind of thing.

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      Thanks for reply. Currently, I run a cable from my camcorder, under the table tennis table, up my shorts and t-shirt! How easy is it to use a wirless mic (either lav or headset) with my camera? I have a Panasonic HC-V750.

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      Your camera has the usual 3.5mm socket – so if you look at things like Sennheiser, they do a battery operated receiver with the right cable, and you can use a clip-on mic (with the usual problems) or a headset. They even do a package with this kind of mic. Have a look on their website for full info.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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