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      Hi, this is another what to charge post, but it’s unique to the other posts on this topic, so I’m hoping someone will have some new insight!

      I’m a freelance videographer who does work for mostly two clients, both in the veterinary medicine/animal education field. Both of these companies work together/for each other on a very regular basis, so all three of us have a very close relationship, and we often share media.

      So Company A would like to rebrand and use some of the videos I’ve created for Company B. (Company B is happy to share their videos; no problem there.)

      Does anyone have an idea of what you would charge Company A to rebrand and essentially sell them the license of an already created video? (Not the exclusive rights to the video, since Company B will continue to use the video. Just shared rights?)

      The rebranding part isn’t so hard because I can just charge for the time it takes to edit and maybe reshoot a few things.

      I’m really stuck on the “selling the license” part. I have no idea what the value of my videos are. (These particular videos are 2-5 minute long educational videos about animal care.)

      I’m grateful for any suggestions/ thoughts.


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      Your time has value and you have been paid for using it: that is, you were paid for the shoot and edit of the video for Client “B.” It’s the value of the finished video that is at issue here which, from your view point, is what your were paid for the shoot and edit.

      (Presumably Client “B” continues using the video you created for them without paying you royalties; i.e., you are not generating income from their use of the video you created for Client “B.”)

      Now Client “A” says “We would like to have the same video for our use” and you reply “Sure; I can shoot and edit a piece that will be just like the work I created for Client “B.”

      Client “A” says: “That’s o.k. We’ll just use a copy of Client “B’s” video.

      Logically, your response would be: “O.K., but I’ll have to charge you as though I have created a new video for you.” In other words, pay me for the shoot and edit time I am missing out on by not creating a new video for you.

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