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      Hi, this is another what to charge post, but it’s unique to the other posts on this topic, so I’m hoping someone will have some insight!

      I’m a freelance videographer who does work for mostly two clients, both in the veterinary medicine/animal education field. Both of these companies work together/for each other on a very regular basis, so all three of have a very close rleationship.

      The question is the Company A would like to purchase the use of the

      Do you have an idea of what you would charge us to brand & distribute these videos

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      If it’s material that is very specific and of no use to you ever again by being dated or incorrect, then sell-on is fine. Just cost out what it cost to shoot, including all your consumables, and perhaps even the cost of a drive to stick the material on – add a percentage, invoice it and forget it. If it took two days and your day rate is £250, then with add ons etc I’d be looking at maybe 600-700, assuming your day rate really generates what you need and is not subsidised. If I had paid one of my people say £150, then I’d add at least 50% to that in my costings. Often, it makes it look very expensive, so you might find itemising the makeup on the invoice too explain it away.

      Day rate
      time to do transfers
      time to catalogue rushes
      coding time to their format choice
      disk drive cost (or other media)
      All adds up

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