HELP: what export and preview codecs for high quality looking 4k YouTube export?

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      After hours and hours of research I’m still struggling to determine what preview format to use??? Previously, I believe (not currently at computer to check) I used MPEG for preview (which only allows 1080p preview πŸ™ ) and h.264 for export. I shoot on a Sony a7iii in 4k which is X avcs codec. I have been producing video for my parents business for less than a year. This was going okay when making smaller videos, but as I have taken on bigger projects and developed my skills more, I am realizing my workflow is terrible causing export and render times to be very bad considering I use a 32gb i9 windows pc with 2080 rtx GPU. These videos are being upload mostly to YouTube, but we want a very high quality video. I noticed when uploading in h.264 at 4k resolution it doesn’t look the absolute greatest, and further more my export times are terrible. Should I be exporting and uploading with a higher codec or would the upload time be ridiculously long? Or should I use a different preview format codec that converts to h.264 faster and continue to export as h.264? I was hoping to use smart rendering, but it seems this is not possible with h.264 codec. PLEASE HELP!

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      Color grading the video and exporting in h.264 in 4K with a kbps rate of 40K or so, with VBR 2 pass, square pixels, at highest quality settings will be as good as you can do for youtube. Youtube compresses the video anyway, but it will be pretty close to what you see playing the file on your computer. If you look at really good 4K footage on youtube, they are often using high quality cameras and lenses and lighting if indoors, or shooting in bright sunlight outdoors. I don’t think changing the codec or export parameters past what I mentioned above will change things noticeably.

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