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      Steve GaleaSteve Galea

      Hello, as per the title, I need your help to buy a lighting kit. I am based in Australia, so the reccomendations would need to ber available here please (we cant import anything from outside of Australia really atm).

      I’m going to be creating a youtube channel that helps people who have medium to no cooking skillls, learn how to cook.
      This will be filmed by myself (i have multiple cameras & rigs already, as Im a photographer) in my kitchen.
      I need lighting for the kitchen obviously, and after reading a lot and watching many videos I’m a bit overwelmed as what to choose. The only things I seem to find in common is that a 3 point softbox lighting kit is the way to go.

      I dont want anything extremely expensive, I’m thinking a budget of upto $200 for a kit? But happy to spend a little more if it makes a good quality difference. If I’m way off the mark, please also let me know.

      Any help on this would be very appreciated.
      Thanks for your time to read this.

      Thank you

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