Help a noob build a PC for video editing?

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      Jason Lamb

      Anybody want to help me with ideas as I build a PC for video editing? Newbie, Purchased Adobe suite (current cloud version), so will be using Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop etc.

      Trying to build a PC that will allow for moderately quick editing/rendering in 4k, real time color grading etc. Would be cool if it was capable of performing other tasks at the same time.

      What I’m trying to figure out is which parts in my build lists are overkill (i.e. more than I need, or a place where I could save money) and which if any are too low in performance?

      Here are some builds I put together on PCpartspicker;

      Here’s my top of budget build –

      Here’s my mid budget builds

      here’s my low budget build

      I tried to focus on better CPU’s and less on the GPU since, as I understand it, Premiere relies more on the CPU, as opposed to Davinci which relies on the GPU more. Will be filming and editing interviews with community members, business owners, stakeholders etc, will film property walk throughs (residential, commercial, land) mountain biking vids, camping trips, etc etc. Most filming will be done with GoPro and DSLR cameras, but some will be via phones despite the variable frame rate.

      Thoughts and opinions appreciated.

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      Glenn B Mendoza

      The one you posted is not ideal for editing…

      Try this with bang for the buck in mind…

      CPU: Ryzen 9 3950x >>> important (non negotiable)
      GPU: AMD RX 5700XT
      MOBO: MSI X570 Tomahawk >>> Use any other x570 is ok as long as with 2 slot. Tomahawk is bang for the buck. VRM so you can overclock your CPU for extra power.
      SSD: 2x CORSAIR MP600 or any “GEN 4: SSD. 1 for OS / editing software , 1 for temp storage > important (non negotiable)
      RAM: GSKILL 64GIG 3800mhz (16×4)
      CASE: LIAN LI PC DYNAMIC 001 or Metallicgear neo cube >> important to have cool pc case. Use 6x fans on top of 3 fans from NZXT radiator
      PSU – 850watts

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