Having trouble using blankets for audio.

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      I had to get an emergency location replacement for my next scene shoot, and the new location looks not bad overall for the camera, but the sound has a lot of reverb in it.

      With sound blankets, I am only able to get results if the camera is close to the actor, but for the wide master shot takes, there is going to be reverb and I can just tell. I can’t go back to the location to do any tests cause I am only allowed to use it, on the shoot day now.

      But does anyone have ideas on how to minimize reverb or reduce it quite substantially while shooting, that I could try to apply?

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      Get the mic in close – it is the only way. Hidden radio mic labs would be the normal solution. Blankets dotted around damped the HF, but you cannot do this in a big space. The ONLY solution is minimise the subject to mic distance. Zoom recorders, radio packs etc – but attempting to reduce the RT60 time of a space is cost prohibitive, and of course while blankets are a good stop gap repair for a problem, they are not really that good as solutions. Work out the surface area of the room, then the surface area of the absorbers and work out the ratio. You will discover that covering even 10 percent of a big space is next to impossible.

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      Okay thanks. Well I am using a boom mic and field recorder so I will just try to get it in as close to possible and if necessary, ADR afterwards then.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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