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      So say you have a sword with a green blade. and you want to put say a lava texture onto the blade by using chroma key. Is this possible? If so how can this be achieved?

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      I’m not trying to be snide at your expense when I suggest that if you have to ask this question you should probably do something else.

      You don’t say what NLE software you use; your project will involve creating masks and key framing them as the blade moves. If you make the knife green and chroma key green the knife will disappear. That’s how chroma key works.

      You can probably(?) create the effect by making a mask of the lava texture and imposing it over the knife. Every time the knife moves, however, you will need to adjust the position of the lava mask.

      You might be able to do this in Photoshop or After Effects. I don’t know as I don’t use either of these programs.

      You don’t say how you’re using this effect. Can you do a lock-down shot of the knife on a solid surface and then substitute the lava knife for the original? Done carefully you should be able to make a match-edit work here fairly convincingly or cover the exchange with an actor’s movement that blocks the view of the exchange.

      Good luck.

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      Something like that is what im trying to do. like would that concept be able to be applied to a moving prop?

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      Yes – it’s extremely easy to do green screen badly like that.

      Think about it a bit. The killer flaw in that video was that the lava didn’t move when the camera did, so it’s obviously a trick to the viewer.

      Step back and think about what green screen can do. Replace one colour with another bit of a picture. If the green sword goes left to right then the image of the lava needs to go left to right at exactly the same speed. On the other hand making the sword a solid yellow colour using the green as a key would work, but if you creat a metalic pattern, checker board style say, then as that sword moves you have to track, rotate and scale each single frame, and even with the tools in your editor or other software it will take you a long time to get right. I wouldn’t want to do it! If you can find an effect that doesn’t matter if it doesn’t track, then it can work much more quickly. Normally you completely replace the green item, but you can use the effect to add more gentle FX, but who carries a green sword?

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      Sir Gawain’s “Green Knight” adversary?

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