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      Hi all I’m a newbie here. I’m looking for a set up for capturing ski race video for analysis, as well as broadcasting/streaming to the lodge. I would like recommendations for 3 items
      1 Im looking for a pretty robust camera for the main operation in an enclosed shack
      2. A secondary camera for on hill
      3. Extenders or wireless transmitter to send the signal down the hill.

      Thanks for the help! I look forward to recommendations


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      Maybe start by reading reviews on different cameras to get an idea what’s out there. What have you looked at so far?

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      Before you buy be sure to handle the cameras. There are lots of good cameras on the market but many are too heavy for run and gun, don’t have easily accessible controls, etc. Also consider the suitability for working in the temperature ranges you’ll encounter, and make sure you can get suitable weather protection for the outdoor rig.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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