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      Matt Stocker

      I’ve recently graduated with a degree in Electronic Media Production and have worked on a couple shoots for smaller tv shows. I have a non-profit talking to me about writing, producing, and editing their commercial and I was trying to figure out what rate I should charge. I have currently written a minute ad for them to sample, but am working on a 30 second alternative as well. I would be providing all the equipment and everything involved. I was thinking about $20 an hour, but don’t want to undersell myself or cheat a charity. What would y’all suggest? Apologies in advance if this was posted to wrong thread. I’m new to the site.

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      Best advice I ever got is that if you want to stay in the industry, never start too low, because it never goes up. I have one client I have had since 1994 – and my rates have stayed pretty much the same, and realistically I will lose the job if I increase them. Not for profits are the worst! Charity is business. Unless it’s a charity YOU personally support, they are just a client screwing you for the best deal and using the word to justify it! In the UK, your price would be considered VERY cheap. I assume they are using you, your gear and your ideas, so I would change from an hourly rate to a day rate. Maybe a half-day rate if you feel generous. Day rate for simple stuff here could be around £150 wish – so that’s $200 or so a day or thereabouts. How much money have you invested in your equipment? Of course as a recent graduate you have a problem – people perceive recent graduates as cheap labour. They come to newcomers to justify paying low fees. The good people get what they are worth. One of my ex-students from when I taught in college got hooked on education rather than working and is a sound person – he’s nearly got a Phd, but scraps around for work because frankly, he’s not very good. His niche is education, and I don’t use him any more after a few events I contracted him for. Just not talented in his subject area at all. A bit sad. Equally, I have some on my list who work for me a lot, and the most successful one dropped out of college, and didn’t go to uni because he got offered a great job at 18. He’s now doing it internationally, and people pay him a LOT of money.

      I know it’s tough, but people are paying you for what you can do for them – so if you are good, ask for a fee that covers what you are worth. Don’t forget that you are doing THREE jobs – they would normally pay a writer, AND a producer (although I think you mean shooting and the mechanics here) and then they’d pay an editor too. You are doing three people’s work for one fee.

      NEVER be afraid of turning it down nicely – “I’m really sorry, but to do your project, I’d have to turn down two others that are commercially priced – sorry I n’ help, it looks like a worthwhile project I would love to have been involved with”. As a charity they almost certainly have not just talked to you, so they’ll know the real costs. If you are nice about the rejection, they might revise the offer and come back to you if they really want you. If they just want cheap, you may be best out of it. Not for profit also expect you to commit big time – endless revisions, re-edits, and of course complaints and poor guidance. “Could you make it more ‘buzzy’ please – this won’t add to the costs will it, budget is really stretched?” Buzzy? It was a project about an industrial washing machine. It cleans clothes. It doesn’t do very much at all, apart from spin?

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      It depends upon your skills and ability if you have high skilled and portfolio so it has a big chance to get high rates as a freelancer. top school in Karachi

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      You might be better off doing it for free. You can add it to your reel and resume. When you work for free you get treated way better and you won’t feel any time constraints because the money meter is ticking. You can work at your own speed and make a quality product. I’ve donated my time and it was a good experience.

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        I like your idea! In such a way, you will better understand it.

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