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      Greetings, All !
      I wish to make Youtube videos. I have a pretty basic Handycam, the Sony HDR-CX 470.
      I wish to convert the frame size of the original footage of my Handycam from 1920×1080 to 854×480 because I think that video output from the 3mm sensor of my Handycam will look the sharpest and best in 854×480 resolution(IMHO)!!
      I have tried converting it in Handbrake but I’m actually unable to keep the original bit rate in 854×480 sized video. Even after entering the bitrate value in Handbrake as 50000 kbps, it reduces to ~20000 kbps.
      I have also tried creating custom templates in Sony Movie Studio Platinum, Sony Vegas Pro and Cyberlink Power Director 16 but no luck !!

      Please guide me on how to reduce the frame size from Full HD to 854×480 without affecting the bit rate ?

      Thanks in advance.

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      Same thing happened to me in adobe premiere pro. I exported a 1080P 29.97 fps sequence to an mp4 file at 854×480 29.97 fps at 60,000 kbps, but the rendered mp4 file turned out to be 13,000 kbps. Maybe that is the maximum kbps that can be rendered at 854×480.

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      I’m trying to figure out why you are wanting to go to 854 by 480? All you are doing is going from HD (1920×1080) when you go to NTSC SD Square Widescreen (854 x 480).

      As for the bit rate, it sounds like you might be trying to export a DV wrapped in a MP4 container. DV’s can only do 25Mbps, whereas your original HD file might’ve been using a bit rate of 50Mbps.

      From what I’ve seen in Premiere Pro CS4, DV is the best option for SD video in a MP4/H.264 wrapper.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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