Focus issues in bright sunshine

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      Hi, I took my camera (GH5) out for a few test shots. (I will be purchasing ND filter/s but on this day I just had the camera and an Olympus 12-40mm lens without a lens filter.) I took a few landscape shots and when I got them back on the computer they were quite soft – nothing had sharp focus.
      To obtain correct exposure I often had to go to f22 and then maybe also bring the shutter speed up from 50 to 200 or even more. (ISO was 100 and I was filming in 1080 at 24fps)
      I took care to manual focus on various objects in the frame.
      I’ve heard that for better focus for landscapes you need to be around f4 – f11?
      As I say I will be getting filters but wanted to ask if the soft focussing is a result of such a small aperture and higher shutter speeds than normal.

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