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      Hi! I would like to see what you think about my first completely edited video. It took me a lot of hours (Premiere, After Effects, Mocha Pro and Photoshop). It was like an experiemntal video for me to practice and try things. I learnt a lot. The video is over saturated with effects I know that.

      This is it:

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      Sofa Đình Tuyến

      Nice video. How long it take you to do this? And what’s options your PC? Ram, chip, video card?

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      O.K. You’re going to have to help me out here: what am I supposed to understand from this exercise? We have a man raving in the middle of an empty street and, for a change of location, in an empty field. In life we would almost certainly call 911 to have help sent for him. But you have chosen to focus on his rant for several minutes. Why?

      You refer to this as “editing” but its not. Shots cut together, perhaps, but to no evident purpose. The whole concept of editing, since its inception more than 100 years ago, concerns the ordering of visual materials into a coherent whole that tells a story, or illuminates an idea, or generates an emotional response.

      I realize I don’t understand the vocal language of your piece and I would be o.k. with that if there were a visual or symbolic language at play. Editing enables communication without words, the composition, pacing and cutting telling the story even with the sound turned off. Like film, video is a visual medium. Without a visual language there can be little hope of communication.

      So I’m sorry, but I’m left in the dark, to ponder an apparent lunatic shuffling about in the street. Wondering why?

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      The trouble with editing in this style is that all you really learn is lip-sync and adding effects and transitions. Is there a narrative, does it tell a story, does it join action from one shot with another? I really don’t know, it’s disturbing to watch, but that of course is the genre. I find the constant image shifts jarring. I think it’s the most effects from Premiere I’ve ever seen. Without knowing what he is talking about it’s just a collection of random images and effects. I don’t know if they superbly highlight the meaning and metaphors that could be in the words? The locations seem urban, the clothing urban, the rapper urban – so I have no reference to base a comment on? I hated the audio so much that I have to be careful commenting on the visuals? You may have done a blistering job on a terrible product – we have no idea really as all the usual semiotics of video editing (codes and conventions) are out of the window! So nice job, probably? If taking the viewer’s mind ion the performance was the aim – you did it!

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      I think you have gotten some great feedback. Please keep in mind. Your first video is way better than the first one I did. Keep it up and keep learning. Remember, the better storyteller you become the more of a powerhouse you will be. There are lots of trends that you will see come and go in the video industry and learning to use them or avoid them when it makes sense will really set you apart from everyone else.

      Utah Video Productions

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