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      Hello everyone this is really out of the blue but I am a college student in Digital Media & IT
      and for one of my classes I was assigned to create a website of my choice, and would have to market it into different forum, the website below is related to essential videography gear as well as 5 entry level cameras and of course, list’s of camera terms for beginners,

      Essential Videography Gear

      If even one of you were to check out this website and generate some form of traffic on the site that would be really great!

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      What a strange combination of content! I n’ work out of it’s for beginners (but the inclusion of some advanced topics messes that up) or for people already doing video – when some of the errors and omissions confuse?

      You list lots of makes – usually three, but why pick such terrible brands? Tripods – so Vinten, Satchler, Miller are missed from the list but OEM style cheap products are the ones you promote? Weird! You didn’t say essential video gear for bargain prices.Same with lighting – cheap budget trusted brands only. Fuji never even got a look in!

      Why only DSLRs for videography?

      In the terminology – again some very weird headings.

      I’ve been doing video since 1978 and NEVER heard of 1″ as a shutter speed – not seen it ever written like that. 1s 1sec yes, but never 1″!!

      You didn’t;t say anything about depth of field, and used ‘creamy’ rather than the common ‘blurred’ that people understand. what on earth is a creamy image??

      Aperture – f numbers, or t numbers?

      RAW – the explanation is confusing – shooting raw lets you edit? So do many other formats – you don’t mention uncompressed which is the key word.

      It’s not going to generate much traffic as the terms Google would spider are not the ones people may be looking for?

      Some is also very wrong.
      Can I use Shotgun mics on any DSLR, Mirrorless or any Iphones?
      Really? As most shotguns are condensers, this could be very confusing as you don’t get phantom from a 3.5mm jack – and only cheap video mic shotguns use 3.5mm connectors. If you google shotgun mics, Rode and the clones are the only ones that can work, and they are NOT industry standard.

      Your whole premise is that everyone uses DSLRs and they just don’t.

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      I think you got some great advice from Paulears. For a 10 essential gear list, I think it is important to note that a lot of cameras don’t take SD cards so that wouldn’t be essential for most people. Best of luck with the project and I hope you get an A!

      Utah Video Productions

Viewing 2 reply threads
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