eSATA Drive Switcher Video Archive Solution

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      Hi all Video Experts and Enthusiasts!

      I’ve got an idea I thought the video folks might find of interest. Would you tell me if this is something you would use in your video editing environment?

      So the idea is to have a eSATA drive switcher that selects 1 external eSATA drive from an array stack of 10 to 20 eSATA drives. Your PC would need only 1 eSATA port. There is a small window or shell command that allows you to select/activate/connect to 1 of the drives in your stack of external drives.

      So you have a stack drives with all your archive video clips that can be quickly selected with just a few keystrokes. The switcher costs much less than some fancy NAS or server system. It’s fast – eSATA fast – the selected drive works just like it is plugged with just a cable.

      This proposed system would cost perhaps 1/4 of the NAS equivalent system for similar storage size.

      You can switch quickly between drives by selecting a different drive. No need for fumbling and wasting time with swapping cables around.

      The compromise it that only 1 drive appears at a time on your system out of the stack of drives. It’s essentially just a fancy cable multiplexer selecting 1 of N drives. So you are only working on 1 external drive at a time. You would not be able to directly copy between the drives in the drive stack without temporarily using the internal drives.

      So what do you think? Is this a system you can put to use? Positive or negative feedback is appreciated. Should I take the plunge and build this thing? Any one want to collaborate on the idea and be trial user?


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