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      Hiii everyone,,,,
      So I just got hold of my brand new MAC and wanted to take it for a spin to see what I could do with it. Loaded on my new AVID software as well as the new FCP and downloaded a trial version of AE CS4 but what to make.

      Well I saw The Wolfman at the cinemas on Valentines Day and although I wasnt overly impressed I did see a couple of movie trailers that inspired me to do some motion graphics. So Ive kind of combined two text treatments from 2 trailers and come up with this one. Check it out here along with a tut explaining a bit about the process!!

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      Your link to your work appears to be missing.

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      It’s such a pity that there is no link. You are talking so inspiring about your work. I have a lot of problems with 3D. I thought it was just not my forte. But to be honest after I read your text I was inspired to try again and then again. I’m lucky that I have web and web downloader it help me a lot.

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      Still no link or reply. That’s too bad.

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