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      I’ve been using premiere pro on 16:9 for some time and been considering to get a 21:9 monitor.
      Came across this giveaway http://geni.us/UltraWideFestivalBoard where they are giving out lg 34″ and 38″ monitors.
      Wanted to participate but I am wondering if 38″ would be too big for me.
      My works are nothing professional which means that my setup is simple and also my desk.
      Would a 38″ monitor be too big for a regular student desk?

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      I also use Premiere Pro. I have a 20″ Viewsonic monitor. It has a 10.5″ x 17″ screen. I sit about 20″ to 24″ from the monitor and can view the whole screen without turning my gaze. I think any larger screen would require me to sit farther away, making the image appear smaller, thereby defeating the purpose.

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