DTE for a JVC GY HD 101

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      I have inherited a old JVC GY HD 101. I have found that the Direct To Edit methode to be the most interesting addition to this system. Only – The DTE that i find on Ebay are really expensive and there might be compatibility issues along this way.

      I am looking for practical support in what brands and firmware works, what is the caveats in the set-up. Are there any “new” recorders that work with firewire. I thought the Atomos ninja had something in these lines, but I have not been able to find anything that looks like Firestore Datavideo or Quickstream.

      If you still use this video camera and have a working set up, it could be ever so helpful to know your thoughts on this.

      I know that this a dated system, and the point is that of learning on a production quality video camera. The day to day run and gun is all sorts of easy portable hybrid cameras.

      Are there any recommendations in software for DTE ? I have two setups for different timeframes. Macrosystem Bogart and Sony Vegas Pro.

      Kind regards to all from Denmark.

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