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      I just made a similar post but with no replies yet I thought I’d post with a different header.

      Basically, I do a lot of downloading YouTube videos, editing them (not copyright infringing) and re-uploading to YouTube. The problem is always quality. My videos are grainy. Any advice?

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      So, you think downloading someones video, editing it and re-uploading is not copyright infringement? I’ve got news for you, if you don’t have the owners permission you are infringing their copyright. You can download to view but you have no other rights.

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        Charles – in the context I’m talking about it is NOT copyright infringement. The videos I’m talking about are copyright free. I do an analysis of the video so I’m not just uploading the exact thing I’m analyzing it and re-uploading it. I’ve done my homework. No offense, but you seem petty and negative to respond with that comment. Try being a little more progressive I’m trying to build and create I don’t need losers telling me why I can’t do things I in fact can. Don’t assume too much, it’s called nuance. You don’t know the videos I’m downloading or why I’m re uploading them it’s not to steal content it’s to do video analysis of car accidents and things like that with CCTV footage, etc.

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      As a content creator I protect my copyright. There are too many people on YouTube who just use whatever they want without a thought as to it’s ownership. That’s why I gave the response I did. It has nothing to do with being progressive or otherwise. Loser, no. I leave that to others who can’t be bothered to create their own original content.

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        Yes I know what you mean, but as I stated in my post IM NOT TAKING COPYRIGHTED WORK! I just want an answer to my question not go down this stupid rabbit hole that’s why I addressed that in my original post genius!

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      What software do you use to download the videos? Are they at the same resolution on your computer as on the full screen youtube? What is the resolution and Kbps of the downloaded video? What resolution and Kbps do you export at? You can’t get better resolution than you start with. When you say they are grainy, are they more grainy than the originals viewed full screen on youtube? Can you post a couple of screen shots of the same individual frame before you download it and after you edit it? At what point in the process do you lose quality…youtube original full screen to your computer after download, your computer after editing and exporting, or your computer to youtube? Are you cheking the Kbps and export settings to export at the highest quality?

Viewing 3 reply threads
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