Do you need a tripod for filming?

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      I’m just starting with filming and I’m wondering if I need a tripod or if a gimbal(DJI Ronin S) is enough?(Also in terms of mobility)

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      I always use a tripod to film video. It’s the only way to keep the image straight and totally shake free. I bought the Smith Victor Photo Video Tripod P920 Pinnacle 3-way Panhead with Heavy-Duty Base, for $50 about 7 years ago and have used it for video ever since. It has a 6lb. weight capacity. It is still sold for $50 at B and H and at Amazon.

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      Think of the tripod as part of the camera; without it the camera won’t work properly. Handheld shooting under extreme run-and-gun conditions is sometimes necessary but it’s not a good idea if you can avoid it.

      I do quite a bit of industrial and construction site shooting and sometimes a tripod just won’t work. For these situations I use a monopod with a base plate for stability and a shoulder mount. For anything else, though, it’s a Manfroto tripod with a high quality pan head.

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      You also should consider how much you paid for the camera – so many people put very expensive cameras on tripod/head combos that cost maybe 5% of the camera and lens. I’d estimate the price would be around 25% the price of the camera – perhaps even more. Some tripods can keep a camera still when it is horizontal. If it’s windy, or the camera tilted up or down not so good. If the camera needs to be zoomed in and then panned and tilted, cheap heads just cannot do this smoothly. Good tripods can be bought on Ebay second hand and a 5 year old pro name one is worth getting, rather than something new and horrible.

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      It depends on what kind of tone your video production is. If you want a documentary, verite look that makes the viewer feel as if you are there, then you are fine being handheld. But you’ll have many video productions where you’ll need to have the camera steady and then you need a tripod. A gimbal is good to have, but not as essential as a tripod. We like to work most with Sachtler tripods. They are not cheap, but you get very smooth pan and tilt moves that are next to impossible on inferior brands (i.e. Manfrotto.)

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      Well, it completely depends on your work because of Tripods are camera support. It’s important to keep your camera steady. Some cameras have very effective built-in stabilization, but most filmmakers use a tripod or monopod at least some of the time. If you want to be able to pan and tilt your camera smoothly, you’ll need a fluid head tripod.

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      Depends on what you want to do. What do you want to do? Me personally, I use both and recommend both.

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