Do I even like filmmaking???

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      The title is mildly clickbaity, but it’s a good gist for my problem. I’m in my sophomore year of college (not going to school for filmmaking) and I’m considering taking a semester off in order to focus on a film I’m working on and will shoot in the winter time. The idea is that this’ll help me decide what I should do with my life instead of constantly trying to balance film and school which has been extremely stressful.

      An issue I run into is that after this movie, I don’t exactly have a ton of ideas floating around. I don’t have another movie idea ready to go and I’m not exactly in love with filmmaking. I know it sounds pretentious, but I view myself more as an artist and filmmaking seems to be the medium that suits me best. This fills me with doubt as well since everyone here seems to have been wanting to make films since they were in the uterus, whereas for me it’s been about a year. And I know next to nothing about festival circuits and distribution. I just know that I must make this movie.

      So I guess what I’m asking is: Does my situation sound like perhaps I’m just going through some filmmaking phase and I’d be better off the forget it? Also, how did you know that you must be a filmmaker?

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      For me it’s just a hobby. Doing any art for a career is a long shot, because you don’t know if you will be any good at it, if you can handle the art end and the business end, if you can work well with both creative and business types, if you can make a decent living at it. The old adage repeated for every hopeful in the arts is “don’t quit your day job”.
      What are you studying in college? How are you supporting yourself? Can you switch to a film school? If you are thinking you will be the next Quentin Tarantino the odds are a million to one against you. If you just want to make a living in the field and you have no contacts, maybe film school is a way to get the credentials and contacts you would need. At any rate, you will find out quickly if it’s the field for you.
      Since I was in grammar school I wanted to be a lawyer, based on episodes of the Perry Mason show. I got my 4 year college degree in Political Science and went to law school for a year. After completing the first year of law school I realized this was not how I wanted to spend the rest of my life, and changed my plans. You don’t know what a career or field is really like until you are in it. No one here has a crystal ball.

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