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      I’ve been considering this for the past couple of years, but never done anything about it!

      I’m talking mainly about Dance shows & School productions which I supply to parents on DVD and the occasional Blu Ray. It’s great because it’s a physical product – They pay and I provide! A time will come however, when DVDs are no more so I’m looking into providing it digitally such as streaming or downloading online.

      My concerns are:

      1) It’s very easily accessible so school parents could easily share passwords and therefore reduce the sales vastly. Parents can (and probably) do copy DVDs, but you sort of have to know what you are doing!

      2) Child protection issues – Once it’s a digital file / online, it could in theory be shared on Facebook

      3) Do people have the facilities / Technology / Knowledge to watch it??

      4) Music copyright issues?

      However the advantages are:

      1) Quality – It’s all filmed in HD, but most people just get the DVDs which of course are just Standard Def so this would mean great quality viewing

      2) No delivery costs

      3) Discs don’t get damaged

      I can see it working perfectly for Weddings (which I don’t do anymore) as it’s mainly just one client buying copies and not multiple clients.

      Any advice / suggestions would be appreciated – Or if you are doing this already, what do you use? How do you answer my concerns?

      Many thanks in advance


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      I’m currently exploring this with a theatre client. Our concerns are with copyright/licensing issues and payment.

      The solution we have come up with works like this: the producing agency (theatre group in this instance) charges each company member who wants a video $X.X. The amount of this charge has nothing to do with our company but is set by the producing agency.

      The producing agency obtains the email address of each cast/crew member buying the video and forwards a list to us. We put the finished video in Dropbox and email the URL to everyone on the list, telling them that downloading will be available for the next two to three days.

      This takes care of the licensing/copyright part of the matter as the video is only being sold to cast/crew members (as per the typical license agreement.)

      We bill the producing unit $X.X for each person to whom the URL is made available. Since the folks downloading the URL/video have paid for the video in advance there is little incentive for them to provide the URL to someone who hasn’t paid.

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      We do music on our own download site. On payment, they get a url which expires in a preset time – we do 24hrs. For the jobs where we know people will share, we don’t send the usual “you need to download within 24hr”. We expect a few to not download straight away, so when they query it, we trigger another download opportunity. The HD files are often 6-8Gb size wise, and the low skill buyers have trouble copying these because the usb format is limited in file size. They could reformat of course, but if they know how to do this, they’d be able to copy things anyway. We’ve done a few video downloads on the system. Nothing is ideal really. The good thing is to make sure the music is well known so if they do put it on youtube it gets pulled.

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