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      Hi! I’m writing an article about small wireless monitors used onset by filmmakers. Anyone use a monitor they really liked? Any features that are especially important? Thanks I’m advance for your thoughts.

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      Liked? What attributes are you applying to monitors that are forming your thoughts? Directors rarely need ultra quality, just a reliable link and a picture that can be seen in daylight, or with minimal sunscreening. What level are your readers? This is a very strange forum to be using for research as the readership is very much geared to beginners so I doubt many people here would have experience of using monitors wired, or wireless on a set.

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      My clients don’t care about anything other than seeing what composed shot looks like. The big challenge for people is if you are filming flat everything looks ugly. Having the ability to adjust the image or apply a LUT so the client can see if more like what it will look like in post is nice.

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Viewing 2 reply threads
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